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[野良神 - Noragami]
夜卜(Yato) : Lenneth XVII x MAKO

(Evil God)

I am Yatogami.

Phew, I’m finally done! This second collage took me a long time to put together so it flows decently.. many thanks to my friend Jia-Ling for helping me!  Our shoot was heavily delayed by 3hours due to some unforseen circumstance thus to shoot this entire set, we only had 30minutes.. It was a race against time to make use of what’s little left of the sunset ;w; And had to do the blood splattering effect too! Thank you guys for letting me slash you 8D! ww

终于做好了!第二扁的排列花了我一整天时间,才弄得顺一些…谢谢朋友的帮忙才可以完成啊啊!♥ 当天外拍因为临时出了状况,延迟了3小时..赶到地点时剩下半小时拍这系列的照片,太阳就下山了。还包括做喷血的特效w 感谢大家肯给我看啊啊!8D! ww

Photo: Muze’s photography and cosplay
Stand-in actors: Ryu, Kaya, Ricky 
Helpers: Ted, Lauren, Jerry, Davey, and Anne!
Fake blood was kindly made by Kelton.!

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NieR [x]

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He has been waiting all his life for this delicious moment


no please let him continue

» Noragami chapter 32



For all you Yatori shippers out there (is that what it’s called?)

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Don’t cry….Yato

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Noragami | Official Art
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BE1 | bacaitu [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=41672243

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Tales of graces f 2012 Summer track 08
399 lectures

Damn Lambda, stop making Asbel sounds so erotic.

Btw, for AsbelxCheria fans (and Kurimomo/Tsukako’s fans too…), she illustrated this part of the track.

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Tales of Graces f Drama CD Winter 2012
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I love Tales of’s drama CD. This is a little compilation of the Winter 2012 Tales of Graces Drama CD (a loooot of shipping in it)

1. Raymond accidently transformed into Cheria (only Bailey know it) and decided to ruin Cheria and Asbel’s relationship.

2. Asbel is depressed (yeah… “depressed”) and tries to cheer up by eating tons of curry rice.

3. Raymond having fun  with Cheria’s “body” and Asbel being such a cutie. Even Raymond couldn’t resist to his charm.

4. Sophie and Richard’s cute moment. (I think Richard just had a crush for Sophie), he also give her his coat.

5. Asbel being again a cutie : “Me or Bailey, with whom do you want to dance, Cheria ?”Bailey is a troll and… Raymond’s funniest moment.

6. Richard :Your ball’s dress makes you pretty but with this coat, you’re the cutest Sophie”

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VVVらくがき詰め2 by Stardust

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Source [x]

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